Monday, August 17, 2015

family pictures | spring 2015.

Thanks to Lane for once again blessing us with sweet pictures!

Christmas tree farm | 2014.

Obviously I'm many moons late in posting this, but in an attempt to get somewhat caught up, here are some pictures my mom took at the Christmas tree farm in Palestine last fall. (We went with my family while Cole was hunting.) A fun tradition!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

eva | 9 months.

At 9 (and a half) months, Eva is 16.7 lbs (21%) and 27.5" long (44%). She has 4 teeth, crawls and pulls up everywhere and sometimes stands unassisted for several seconds. She consistently says Mama, Dada, Duh-Duh (Justus), baba (bottle), and dah (doll). We are starting to transition to formula and she will eat almost anything mashed (especially bananas, avocado, and carrots along with oatmeal.) We have done some sleep training for naps and I think they are starting to get better (previously only 20-30 min, now often over an hour in the morning.) I think she inherited her daddy's allergies but is overall such a sweet and happy baby! She smiles so quickly and is content to just sit quietly sometimes and play with toys or watch Justus from my lap. She's still a little leery of strangers and pretty attached to momma. She is a great little sidekick when shopping and happy in her stroller. Brother still adores her! And since I'm behind, here are some 8 month pictures...

Friday, August 8, 2014

eva | 7 months.

Well, I finally put all the "baby" things away! Swing, bouncer, rock and play, play mat... Sweet girl is sitting up well and rolling all over. She pushes all the way up but hasn't gotten her knees up yet to crawl. She loves Praise Baby, her brother, walks in the stroller and usually her exersaucer. She's not a great napper (often just about 30 min) but has two little teeth and thankfully eats well! Not super picky or messy. I usually just mash up anything soft we are eating and feed her with a spoon, and started letting her eat Puffs and baby rice crackers on her own (dissolve easily.) A couple of weekends ago I took her to College Station to visit Katie and the girls while our hubbies, their friends and Justus were at the lake catching fish for the expo. Such fun!

Friday, August 1, 2014

friday photos.

 Moved his new chair to sit by sister!

 Grinning at brother.
 Reading his bible to baby Eva. Melt my heart!
 She went through a phase with this face.

 First time at the pool.

 Playing in the sprinklers.

 Looked up and he was giving her a bath!

 On the ranch.

 Mowing with daddy.

 Eva looks so chubby here to me.
 Out for a walk.